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Parent Resources to Support Student growth and development

Below, you will find resources for parents to support child growth and development in the home in the home including our high school placement workbook, 28 day meal plan, goal setting sheet,

Parent Resources: Headliner

FOCUS Futures Academy Online

FOCUS Futures Academy is a one-stop shop for student learning.  With courses and activities centered around Wellness and Nutrition Education, Character Development, College and Career Readiness, Entrepreneurship, and Social Emotional Learning,

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High School Placement Workbook

Committed to teaching others how to achieve new levels of performance and happiness, Coach Devon Buchanan, M.Ed is ready to help you and your organization. Book your Team Coaching Introduction today.

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21 Questions to Engage Your Teen

Our fast-paced lives have made it difficult, at times, to even begin conversation.  Take advantage of this free guide; 21 Questions to Engage Your Child.  This is the first step in building strong discourse and strong relationships.

Family Dinner
Parent Resources: Services
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