"Providing our youth with extraordinary experiences, will produce extraordinary individuals"


Wellness and Nutrition Education

The Health and Wellness of our youth is paramount in our mission.  Through fun and engaging cooking classes such as "Young Men Can Cook", "Cooking with Coach", and the "Picky Eaters Club", we are able to equip our youth and their families with the skills they need to do what we call, "Living a Lifetime of Wellness".


Seize the Opportunity

F.O.C.U.S. Youth Network empowers youth in the Philadelphia area to reach their fullest potential through a wide range of programs and services. We care about our young people, and always strive to provide them with a number of enrichment programs to help shape their identity.  With programs such as the only youth led cable television show, Youth UnCut, to our robust community service programs and our annual F.O.C.U.S. Fashion Show, youth of all ages have the opportunities to develop and strong identity and a sense of self-efficacy.


Get Ready to Take Action

The F.O.C.U.S. Youth Network believes in providing opportunities for every young person to pursue their dreams passionately, whether it be college, trade, workforce, or entrepreneurship.  Programs such as our Workforce Academy, which provides high school students with job training and tangible work experience, as well as our "Buchanan Family Scholarship" give young people a head start on achieving their post-secondary goals.

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